Elite – Season 7 Episode 4 “Semicolon” Recap & Review


In this article, we will dive deep into Episode 4 of Elite Season 7 titled “Semicolon.” This episode takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions with intense developments and shocking revelations. We will explore the key moments, character dynamics, and the overall impact of this episode. Trigger warning: The episode contains sensitive topics such as suicide attempts and self-harm.

Eric’s Struggle

The episode starts with the self-help app messages intensifying. Eric finds himself burning his own hand, symbolizing the pain he’s going through. Meanwhile, Rocio is finally released from her captivity. Nico, Eric’s close friend, is worried about him, but Eric pushes him away, unwilling to open up about his distress.

The Pan-African Gathering

At the Pan-African Gathering, a foreign exchange program for students, tensions rise. Sonia, who is angry with Nico, and Chloe, who ignores Eric, add to the already prevailing conflict. Rocio, unable to comprehend the situation, decides to distance herself from Eric, as he continues to support her from the sidelines. Joel, seemingly ignoring Eric, walks by. In a flashback, we see Joel assisting Eric when he was on the brink of suicide. This scene deepens their bond and reveals the support they share.

Concerns and Revelations

Isa, ultimately concerned for her friends’ well-being, expresses her worries about Eric’s state. Fikile, another character, joins her in expressing concern and takes over, being optimistic about the future. Despite Nico and his parents’ concerns, Eric disregards them and attends a party with a cheerful demeanor.

Hidden Motives

A twist unfolds as Didac, disguised as Isa’s father, Martin, bribes Duran for an eviction. Luis, eavesdropping on their conversation, overhears their sinister plan. Meanwhile, Chloe offers comfort to Ivan, and they share a dance. Ivan becomes distraught when he realizes the weight of his words, resulting in him hurting himself physically.

Chloe’s Discovery

On their way home, Chloe receives a message from Sonia on the self-help app, confirming that Sonia is the one sending the anonymous messages. This revelation adds a new layer of complexity to the episode’s events.

Danger at the Club

As if the emotional turmoil wasn’t enough, drug dealers make an unexpected appearance at the club. They start dealing drugs, posing a threat to the characters we know and love. Amidst the chaos, Omar confronts Ivan about the scholarship and his relationship with Joel. Feeling guilty, Ivan states that Joel should not stay with him out of obligation. However, to everyone’s surprise, Joel shows up and shares an intimate moment with Ivan. Chloe takes this opportunity to intervene and separates Carmen from the commotion.


Elite Season 7 Episode 4 “Semicolon” explores a myriad of themes and plotlines, giving viewers a lot to unpack. The episode showcases the struggles of characters like Eric, who is battling inner demons, and Ivan, who faces the consequences of his actions. Throughout the series, Elite has experimented with different narratives and characters, some with problematic elements, and others that bring much-needed diversity to the screen. Thankfully, Eric’s character seems to be on the right path, emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness and seeking support.

In conclusion, “Semicolon” leaves us eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the next episodes of Elite Season 7, as new challenges and surprising revelations continue to unravel the lives of these complex and intriguing characters.

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