Elite – Season 7 Episode 3 “Bling-Bling” Recap & Review

In the third episode of the seventh season of “Elite,” titled “Bling-Bling,” we witness a series of events that delve into the lives of the students at Las Encinas. From anonymous messages to complicated relationships, this episode keeps the viewers engaged throughout. Let’s dive into the recap and review of this thrilling episode.

Trouble in Paradise

The episode kicks off with Omar noticing the distressed students, particularly Sonia, who received an anonymous message. The source of this message remains unknown, leaving Omar intrigued. Meanwhile, Carmen attempts to make Chloe befriend Ivan, much to Chloe’s annoyance. Carmen could simply tell Ivan who she really is, but instead, she insists on being secretive. Frustrated, Chloe walks away. However, she later apologizes to Ivan for her initial harshness and attributes it to her social awkwardness. Ivan, in turn, retaliates by teasing her, claiming that Didac accidentally left the phone behind.

Unraveling Secrets

The story takes a new turn when the characters gather at a party. Sonia reaches out to Nico, hoping to mend their relationship. Unfortunately, Nico’s phone is set aside due to an ongoing eviction protest. Carmen, determined to invade Ivan’s privacy, helps him move on from his previous romantic interest, Patrick. She advises him to focus on what he knows rather than searching for the truth. Meanwhile, Luis overhears their conversation and expresses her fear during their previous arguments. The tension breaks as they share a passionate kiss.

A Dance of Distraction

The protestors begin their demonstration by throwing objects at the police officers in an attempt to deter them. Fear spreads among the crowd as the cops respond with force, resorting to violence against everyone present. In a surprising turn of events, the protesters decide to turn their fear into a dance, engaging in a quid pro quo situation. Amidst all this chaos, Sonia reflects on her mother’s advice, stating that if she is someone’s priority, they will show it. If not, it feels like being invisible.

Reconciliation and New Beginnings

Chloe tries to mend her relationship with Sonia, but deeply hurt, Sonia chooses to listen to Eric’s playlist instead. Eventually, they reconcile and end up sleeping together. Meanwhile, Eric’s anxiety reaches new heights as he worries about Rocio’s safety. In a moment of desperation, he resorts to self-harm. Rocio recalls Jessica’s advice, suggesting that if leaving is not an option, she should learn self-defense. This leads her to join Jessica’s self-defense class, a decision that could prove beneficial in the future.

A Fresh Start

Despite a somewhat underwhelming premiere, “Elite” Season 7, Episode 3, “Bling-Bling,” takes the story in a new direction, injecting a renewed energy into the show. The complex relationships and emotional struggles of the characters keep the audience engrossed. The evolving dynamics between Eric and Rocio become a highlight, adding depth to the storyline. While the episode leaves us with many unanswered questions, it also opens up new possibilities for the future.


In conclusion, “Elite” Season 7, Episode 3, titled “Bling-Bling,” offers viewers an engaging and eventful installment. The characters face unexpected challenges, confront their insecurities, and discover newfound strengths. With its intricate plot twists and relatable character development, this episode promises an engaging continuation of the series. As the story unfolds, viewers can anticipate a fresh and thrilling journey through the lives of the students at Las Encinas.

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