Elite – Season 7 Episode 2 “Protocol” Recap & Review

In the second episode of Elite Season 7, titled “Protocol,” the plot thickens as the students at Las Encinas continue to navigate their complicated lives. From trolling on the school app to romantic entanglements and hidden motives, this episode is filled with suspense and intrigue. Let’s delve deeper into the key moments and developments that unfolded.

Trolling on the School App

The episode kicks off with the students using the school app as a platform for trolling. They target Didac, expressing their dislike for him. This sets the tone for the episode, hinting at the underlying tension and conflicts within the student body.

Ivan’s Gift and Joel’s Dilemma

In a heartwarming gesture, Ivan gifts Joel a suit for an upcoming racing event. However, Joel feels uncomfortable accepting such generosity, considering himself a charity case. Despite his reservations, Joel eventually gives in when Ivan insists on their friendship. The chemistry between them becomes evident as Joel playfully suggests trying on the suit together in the bathroom.

Roberta’s Watchful Eye

Roberta appears to be closely watching the dynamics between Isa and Didac. In a flashback, it is revealed that Pau had disclosed Roberta’s involvement in the shooting incident. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to their relationships. Roberta disapproves of Isa and Didac being together, but Pau advises her to back off.

Feeling Trapped and Seeking Solitude

At school, Roberta shares her feelings of being trapped by writing on the app that she wants to be alone. This highlights her struggle and the emotional challenges she is grappling with. Meanwhile, Joel approaches Ivan, expressing his desire to quit school if Omar’s presence continues to make him uncomfortable. This demonstrates the significance that Omar holds in Joel’s life and the impact his actions have on Joel’s sense of well-being.

Didac’s Troubles and Chloe’s Interest

Didac finds himself in a difficult financial situation after losing brand deals due to Sara’s actions. Chloe perceives this vulnerability and sets her sights on Ivan as her next target. Sonia, observing Chloe’s behavior, is disgusted by her approach, reflecting societal judgment and disdain for those who exploit others for personal gain.

The Comfort of Luis and the Confusion of Joel

Didac confides in Luis about his family troubles, finding solace in their friendship. Sara also confides in Raul, worrying that Ivan is getting closer to uncovering the truth behind the hit-and-run incident. They decide to bring Ivan closer by asking him to move in and exert control over the narrative. Raul contemplates quitting his internship, but a cry for help on the app interrupts his decision-making process, leaving us on a cliffhanger.


With the conclusion of the second episode of Elite Season 7, titled “Protocol,” tensions continue to mount, and the characters’ relationships become more entangled. The episode explores the themes of vulnerability, control, and hidden motives, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats. As Joel’s frustration grows and Ivan’s investigation intensifies, the narrative becomes increasingly captivating. The next episode promises to unravel more mysteries and delve deeper into the lives of the students at Las Encinas, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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