Doona – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

In episode 6 of the popular K-drama “Doona,” a lot of interesting developments take place. From romantic moments to revelations about the characters’ past, this episode keeps the viewers engaged and eager to know what happens next. Let’s dive into the recap and review of episode 6 of “Doona.”

Doona and Won-joon’s Blissful Moment

The episode kicks off with Doona and Won-joon sharing a lovely moment outside their house. The couple seems to be blissfully in love, cherishing each other’s company. As the night gets deeper, Su-jin, Doona’s mother, falls asleep, leaving Doona and Won-joon with some private time.

Won-joon’s Realization and Confession

During their intimate time together, Won-joon opens up to Doona about the pain he has been carrying and how it has made him detach from the world around him. However, he realizes that he needs to live his life and make his late father proud. This confession shows the growth and emotional journey of Won-joon’s character.

Yi-ra’s Confession and Yoon-taek’s Misunderstanding

While enjoying a fireworks show, Yi-ra musters the courage to confess that she likes someone. Yoon-taek, who has feelings for Yi-ra, assumes that she is referring to him. This misunderstanding creates an interesting dynamic between the two characters and adds to the tension of the storyline.

Doona’s Mysterious Message

After the fireworks show, Doona receives a message from someone named P. The message asks her if she attended a showcasing. This sparks curiosity among the viewers and raises questions about who P is and their connection to Doona. Could P be her manager? The plot thickens as Doona agrees to meet with P at the station.

Flashback to Doona’s Past

Through a flashback, we get a glimpse of a young Doona being dropped off at her grandmother’s house by her mother. This brief scene adds a layer of mystery to Doona’s past and leaves us wondering about the significance of her relationship with her mother.

Yoon-taek’s Theory and Jung-hoon’s Obliviousness

Yoon-taek shares his theory about Yi-ra liking him with his friend Jung-hoon. However, when Yoon-taek tries to turn Yi-ra down, he feels a sense of pity after she coincidentally sees her ex-boyfriend with a new girl. This turn of events makes Yoon-taek question his decision, while Jung-hoon remains blissfully unaware of Yi-ra’s feelings.

Speculations about Doona’s Mom and Park

As the episode progresses, the viewers are left speculating about the involvement of Doona’s mother in her life. There are hints that Doona’s mom might be bad news, potentially contacting someone named Park. This mystery brings an element of suspense and raises questions about the true intentions and history of Doona’s mom.

Emotional Farewell

Towards the end of the episode, Doona and Won-joon have a heartfelt conversation. It is a moment of closure, as both characters truthfully express their feelings and wish each other well. This emotional farewell showcases the growth and maturity of the characters, as they handle their separation with grace and understanding.


In episode 6 of “Doona,” we witness a range of emotions and significant moments that propel the storyline forward. From intimate scenes between Doona and Won-joon to revelations about Yi-ra’s feelings, the episode keeps the viewers engaged and invested in the characters’ lives. The mysterious messages and speculations surrounding Doona’s mother add an extra layer of suspense. With each episode, “Doona” continues to captivate its audience, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next installment of this K-drama.

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