Doona – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

In episode 5 of the K-drama “Doona,” the story continues from where we last left off, with Doona and Won-joon sharing a meaningful kiss. This episode delves deeper into their budding relationship and also sheds light on the struggles faced by other characters. Let’s recap and review the key events that unfolded in this episode.

Doona and Won-joon’s Connection Grows

Doona and Won-joon’s connection intensifies as they share a passionate kiss. Later that evening, Doona finds herself sitting on Won-joon’s bed, immersed in music, showcasing her free-spirited nature. However, Won-joon warns her about the potential risks and advises her to be cautious. Doona, on the other hand, encourages him to lighten up and not take life too seriously.

Doona’s Eviction and Plea for Help

A major development in episode 5 is Doona’s eviction from the dorm. Feeling helpless, she reaches out to Won-joon for assistance. This situation brings them closer together as they navigate through the challenges that come their way. It showcases the strength of their bond and their willingness to support each other.

Jin-joo’s Confession and Family Issues

Meanwhile, Jin-joo meets with Se-hun and finally reveals her true feelings for Won-joon. She confesses that she likes him and desires to have him to herself. Jin-joo also opens up about her family problems, particularly the judgment she faced due to her sister’s actions. The show highlights the importance of addressing family issues and finding the courage to overcome them.

Doona’s Club Visit and Questions Unanswered

Doona clarifies that she went to the club as a way to test her feelings for Won-joon. This incident leads to a heartfelt conversation between the two characters. She expresses her curiosity about the future of their relationship, and in response, Won-joon pulls her closer, indicating his affection towards her. The writers successfully avoid unnecessary drama and allow Doona and Won-joon to quickly acknowledge their feelings for each other.

Unresolved Family Matters

While the romantic storyline progresses, there are still several unanswered questions surrounding the main characters. Viewers are left wondering about Won-joon’s family situation – what happened to his dad, mom, and sister? This plot thread hints at the possibility of a toxic family dynamic, highlighting the importance of setting boundaries and distancing oneself from negative influences.


Episode 5 of “Doona” keeps viewers engaged with its captivating storyline and well-developed characters. The bond between Doona and Won-joon deepens, and they navigate through challenges together. Jin-joo’s confession and Doona’s eviction add layers to the plot, while the unresolved family matters leave the audience eagerly awaiting further revelations. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that maintaining healthy relationships and addressing personal issues are paramount. “Doona” continues to captivate its viewers with its realistic portrayal of human emotions and relatable characters.

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