Doona – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

In the third episode of the K-drama series “Doona,” we witness various developments in the lives of the characters. From romantic tensions to mysterious stalkers, the plot takes intriguing twists and turns. Let’s delve into the recap and review of this exciting episode.

Won-joon and Doona: A Complicated Relationship

The episode begins with Won-joon confiding in Doona about his conversation with Jin-joo, where he clarified that he is not seeing Doona romantically. Doona, being the level-headed friend that she is, advises him to stop overthinking and embrace the present moment. However, their closeness begs the question: why didn’t they become a couple?

A Misunderstood Connection

Despite their undeniable chemistry, Won-joon consistently labeled their relationship as that of close friends or soulmates. Many people assumed they were dating, but Won-joon always maintained that they were only close. This discrepancy between their perceived relationship and reality leaves Doona perplexed, wondering why they didn’t take their friendship to the next level.

A Rainy Moment

As Won-joon returns home with the intention of sharing good news with Doona, he realizes she is out of cigarettes. In a display of thoughtfulness, he mentions the cigarettes he noticed in her cabinets while looking for tools. This small yet significant detail showcases the bond between them. Soon after, they decide to go outside for some fresh air. Unfortunately, their plans are interrupted by rain.

Cherry Blossoms and Emotions

While caught in the rain, Won-joon and Doona find solace in watching cherry blossom flowers fall. It’s a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos of their lives. As they retreat to the house, Yoon-taek, a mutual friend, praises Se-hun in front of Jin-joo. This conversation sparks multiple emotions within the group and sets the stage for further revelations.

Confessions and Termination

During the cleanup, Se-hun confesses his feelings for Jin-joo. Surprisingly, it has been over a year since their first meeting, and he finally decides to express his emotions. To Doona’s surprise, Se-hun declares that Doona’s services as a relationship coach are no longer needed, implying that he intends to pursue Jin-joo without outside assistance.

Misunderstood Feelings

As Jin-joo shares about a guy who confessed his love to her but hasn’t received a response yet, Doona and Won-joon mistakenly assume she is talking about her past with Won-joon. The confusion adds another layer of complexity to their already tangled emotions. Meanwhile, Doona reveals that she is being stalked and provides evidence to support her claims.

Unanswered Questions

Noticing a disturbing message from someone named P accusing Doona of being a good liar and asking her to stop contacting him, Won-joon becomes worried for her safety. It becomes evident that Doona is hesitant to involve the police, possibly due to the stalker’s potential connection as a manager. The series of events raises numerous questions about the identity and motives of this mysterious individual.


Episode 3 of “Doona” takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. We witness the complexities of relationships, unspoken feelings, and a looming threat in the form of a stalker. As the plot unfolds, we anticipate further developments that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode!

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