Creepshow – Season 4 Episode 6 “George Romero 3-D; Baby Teeth” Recap & Review

Welcome to the recap and review of Season 4 Episode 6 of Creepshow titled “George Romero 3-D; Baby Teeth.” In this episode, we follow the story of Sarah and Martin, the owners of Book Time Bookshop. They discover that wearing special glasses can bring zombies to life. Additionally, we witness a chilling tale involving Shelby’s baby teeth and a dark secret. Let’s dive into the details and discuss what made this episode exciting and memorable.

George Romero 3-D:

Sarah and Martin are a mother and son who own a physical bookstore called Book Time Bookshop. One day, they find themselves in a grave situation, and Martin turns to a comic book for help. To his surprise, he pulls out a comic book version of the legendary filmmaker George Romero. George explains that zombies come to life when wearing the glasses because a disgruntled employee placed a voodoo curse on them. These zombies are not just ordinary zombies; they are voodoo zombies. Soon, Sarah, Martin, and Dawn find themselves under attack by this newly awakened zombie horde.

The episode brilliantly pays homage to George Romero, with various callbacks to previous episodes and segments. It includes references to Stephen Bachman’s poster, Jay Stratton’s books, and even a Timeless magazine from the previous episode. These nods add to the enjoyment for fans of the series while cleverly satirizing the stereotypical flaws within Stephen King’s writing practices and George Romero’s endings. The episode successfully balances fun with horror, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

Baby Teeth:

In the second segment of this episode, we follow the story of Miranda and her daughter, Shelby. Miranda is an overprotective mother due to her own mother leaving her when she was a baby. Miranda’s overbearing nature becomes the root of conflict between her and Shelby. Shelby, eager to gain some independence, can’t wait to turn 18 and blames her mother for her father leaving.

As the story unfolds, we find Shelby’s baby teeth becoming the center of attention. Katlyn, Shelby’s sister, decides to search for these teeth and ventures into the trashed nursery. Little does she know that a terrifying creature awaits her. Shelby and Miranda soon follow and find themselves locked in a heated argument about the room’s condition.

Miranda takes this opportunity to reveal the truth to her daughter. She explains that her own mother did not abandon her, and there is more to the story than Shelby realizes. While the tension rises between mother and daughter, the keepsake box in the room starts to emit an eerie glow, heightening the suspense.

This segment serves as a gripping conclusion to Season 4 of Creepshow. The practical effects and gore are executed masterfully, adding to the intense atmosphere. It leaves the viewers captivated and looking forward to future episodes.


“George Romero 3-D; Baby Teeth” is an exciting and entertaining episode of Creepshow. It pays homage to the legendary George Romero while delivering unique and chilling stories. The combination of humor, horror, and attention to detail makes this episode stand out. Whether you are a fan of the show or a newcomer, these stories will keep you engaged from start to finish. We can’t wait to see what Creepshow has in store for us in the future.

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