Creepshow – Season 4 Episode 3 “The Parent Deathtrap; To Grandmother’s House We Go” Recap & Review

In the third episode of Creepshow Season 4, titled “The Parent Deathtrap,” we are introduced to Lyle Van Johnson, a lonely and introverted kid. His peaceful existence takes a turbulent turn when his deceased parents, Gloria and Archibald, return as nagging spectres. This article will provide a recap and review of the episode, highlighting its key elements and discussing its overall impact.

The Plight of Lyle Van Johnson

Lyle Van Johnson’s life takes an unexpected twist when his parents, who had passed away earlier, mysteriously come back to haunt him. This resurrected couple proves to be an unrelenting source of annoyance for poor Lyle. They continuously criticize him for not having a girlfriend, pointing out every girl they see while they are out shopping. Lyle’s frustration with his parents’ nagging reaches its peak.

Unlikely Love Story

Amidst the constant pestering by his parents, Lyle unexpectedly finds companionship with Violet, a girl he meets during one of his outings. Despite the initial annoyance and reluctance of Gloria and Archibald, Lyle and Violet begin dating and eventually fall in love. This unexpected turn of events leaves Lyle heartbroken, as he still harbors feelings for his childhood friend, Elaine.

The Episode Review

“The Parent Deathtrap” delivers the classic campy nature that fans of Creepshow have come to expect. Although the twist may have been somewhat predictable, the execution of the episode was still enjoyable. The chemistry between Lyle and his spectral parents adds a humorous and endearing element to the storyline. Similarly, the dynamic between Gloria and Archibald showcases a wonderful portrayal of a long-lasting love. It would be intriguing if this concept was expanded further, such as being adapted into a full-length movie. Nonetheless, for what it is, Creepshow succeeded in offering an entertaining and engaging episode.

To Grandmother’s House We Go

Moving on to the next segment of the episode, titled “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” we are introduced to Marcia, a woman who has a history of marrying men for their money and leaving them. Her latest adventure brings her into the life of Ruby, a young girl who becomes her stepdaughter. Unlike her previous relationships, Marcia finds herself developing a genuine bond with Ruby.

Marcia’s Unexpected Arc

“The Parent Deathtrap” explores Marcia’s character growth through her interactions with Ruby. There is a touching scene where Ruby expresses her sadness over the loss of her grandmother, and Marcia tries her best to console her. Despite her reputation and motives, Marcia genuinely cares about Ruby’s well-being and understands the importance of offering comfort in difficult times. This emotional moment highlights the complexity and depth of Marcia’s character.

The Unforeseen Ending

As the story progresses, Marcia’s intentions towards Ruby’s family become evident. However, when a werewolf threatens their lives, Marcia shows a fierce protective side, exclaiming, “Stay away from my kid.” This unexpected act of bravery showcases Marcia’s willingness to put herself in harm’s way for the sake of her newly found family. The episode concludes on a somber note, leaving room for reflection and further exploration of the character’s development.


Creepshow Season 4 Episode 3 delivers a captivating blend of horror and emotional storytelling. “The Parent Deathtrap” provides a fun and campy viewing experience, while “To Grandmother’s House We Go” delves into the complexities of human relationships and redemption. Both segments offer unique narratives that engage the audience and leave them wanting more. Creepshow successfully maintains its reputation for providing diverse and entertaining horror content.

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