Creepshow – Season 4 Episode 1 “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra; Smile” Recap & Review

Creepshow Season 4 Episode 1 introduces us to the thrilling story of “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra.” In this episode, Lorna Snell finds herself facing a terrifying monster after helping a mysterious woman named Cassie. With only twenty minutes before the monster comes to kill her, Lorna must navigate through fear and uncertainty to survive. This recap and review will delve into the intriguing plot, character development, and overall quality of the episode.

The Encounter with Cassandra

Lorna Snell, played by a talented actress, returns home only to encounter a distressed Cassie at her doorstep. Cassie reveals that Lorna’s act of kindness has made her a target for a monstrous creature seeking revenge. With a limited amount of time, Lorna becomes aware that she is in a race against the clock to save her life.

A Chilling Revelation

As Lorna and Cassie continue their conversation, it is revealed that the monster can speak. This unexpected twist adds another layer of suspense and intrigue to the episode. Lorna recognizes Cassie from a chance encounter at a coffee shop earlier that day, deepening the connection between them.

Despite Lorna’s attempt to gather information from Cassie regarding the monster’s motivations, Cassie remains tight-lipped and sobs, expressing her desire to make Lorna’s last moments on earth memorable and meaningful.

Survival Instincts vs. Emotional Connection

Lorna’s primary focus is on survival, while Cassie longs for an emotional connection in their final moments together. The contrasting desires of the two characters create a compelling dynamic that engages the audience throughout the episode.

While attempting to fend off the impending danger, Lorna faces the challenge of balancing her need for self-preservation and her growing bond with Cassie. The episode expertly showcases the complexity of human emotions and the struggle between survival instincts and empathy in dire circumstances.

Moments of Tension and Humor

Amidst the suspense and horror elements, “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra” provides moments of unexpected humor. In one scene, Lorna tries to fashion a weapon using sticky tape and kitchen knives, all while Cassie casually asks personal questions. The combination of intense situations and comedic relief adds depth and a unique tone to the episode.

Blood, Dismemberments, and Heart

As expected in a horror-themed episode of Creepshow, “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra” doesn’t shy away from gore and graphic visuals. However, what sets this segment apart is the presence of heart. Despite the bloodshed and dismemberments, there is an underlying sentimentality that elevates the episode beyond mere shock value.

The genuine connection between Lorna and Cassie, despite their limited time together, tugs at the viewer’s emotions. It makes the audience invested in their fates and the outcome of their encounter with the monster. While the horror genre often prioritizes scares and thrills, this segment manages to strike a delicate balance by incorporating heartfelt moments and character depth.

Episode Review

“Twenty Minutes with Cassandra” delivers a fantastic segment filled with tension, humor, and heart. The outstanding performances by the actors bring the story to life, ensuring an engaging and memorable viewing experience.

The episode’s ability to evoke both fear and empathy speaks to its narrative strength and the skillful storytelling employed by the creators. It is clear that considerable thought and care went into crafting this segment, resulting in a well-rounded and satisfying addition to the Creepshow series.


Creepshow Season 4 Episode 1, “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra,” captivates viewers with its blend of horror, humor, and human connection. Through the enthralling performances of its cast and a compelling storyline, the episode keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

With well-executed twists and emotional depth, this segment of Creepshow explores the complexities of survival and personal connections in the face of impending danger. “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra” stands as a standout episode, showcasing the creativity and storytelling prowess that the series is known for.

For fans of horror, suspense, and thought-provoking narratives, this episode is definitely a must-watch. So, grab your popcorn, turn down the lights, and prepare for twenty minutes of heart-pounding terror and unexpected emotions in “Twenty Minutes with Cassandra.”

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