CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

In episode 9 of the K-drama “CEO-dol Mart,” a heartwarming story unfolds as the characters face their fears and confront their past misfortunes. The episode begins at Boram Mart, where the boys gather and call out to Sang-woo, who is hiding in the back room. This recap and review will delve into the key moments of the episode, highlighting the personal growth and healing experienced by the characters.

Confronting Fear and Self-Blame

Sang-woo, plagued by a deep-rooted fear of snow, finally opens up to the boys about his struggles. He reveals that he blames himself for an accident that occurred in the past, where he should have stayed instead of Hyeon-yi. The weight of this self-blame has burdened Sang-woo for years, causing him to withdraw and struggle with his emotions. As the boys listen to his confession, they offer him comfort and support, creating a safe space for him to heal.

Unraveling the Mystery

Meanwhile, CEO Yoon continues to investigate the secrets and mysteries surrounding the Mart. Ji-wook’s revelation about tearing down the CCTV piques CEO Yoon’s curiosity. He wonders how Ho-rang could have known about Ji-wook’s actions, particularly his choice to wear a funeral garment. As the pieces of the puzzle come together, the tension rises, and CEO Yoon becomes more determined to uncover the truth.

Acts of Kindness and Generosity

In a surprising turn of events, CEO Yoon rewards Lee-joon by asking him to help edit a video for a vlog. He also gifts Lee-joon with a substantial sum of money, 10 million won, to start a specialty butcher shop. This gesture of kindness showcases CEO Yoon’s belief in the potential of the boys and his desire to support their dreams. However, both Sang-woo and Tae-ho decline the attorney’s offer, recognizing the sentimental value and significance of Boram Mart in their lives.

A Heartfelt Decision

When the boys discover the renunciation papers and the accompanying monetary offer, they are faced with a difficult decision. Some of them contemplate accepting the money and letting go of Boram Mart, while others, like Ho-rang, struggle with the idea of parting ways with a place that holds so many cherished memories. Through poignant moments of reflection and emotional conversations, the characters navigate their conflicting emotions and weigh the significance of financial gain against the intangible bonds they share.

The Power of Love and Friendship

As tensions rise and decisions hang in the balance, CEO Yoon intervenes, reminding the boys of the importance of their friendship. He sends a text message, urging them to reconcile or participate in the “I Love You” challenge before midnight. In a touching scene, the characters come together, sharing chicken and beer, and holding hands while expressing their love and gratitude for each other. This heartwarming moment reinforces the power of love and friendship, serving as a reminder of the strength found in unity.


In the closing moments of the episode, a surprising revelation unfolds. In a video captured by Do-yoon during a banquet, a hidden detail catches CEO Yoon’s attention. As his surprise and curiosity mount, the stage is set for further revelations and twists in the upcoming episodes.


Episode 9 of CEO-dol Mart leaves viewers captivated by the characters’ journeys of healing and personal growth. From Sang-woo’s confrontation of his fears to the internal struggle faced by the boys regarding the future of Boram Mart, each scene is filled with emotional intensity and depth. Through acts of kindness, moments of reconciliation, and expressions of love, the characters continue to demonstrate the power of human connection. As the story unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate the resolution of the mysteries and the further development of these beloved characters’ journeys.

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