Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 4 “Musso and Frank” Recap & Review


In the fourth episode of Bosch: Legacy’s second season, titled “Musso and Frank,” there are significant developments in the lives of the main characters. Maddie, Harry Bosch’s daughter, decides to move out of his home, marking a new chapter in their relationship. Meanwhile, Honey Chandler seeks Harry’s assistance in finding James Allen, Foster’s alibi. However, their search takes an unexpected turn as they uncover disturbing facts about Allen’s demise. This recap will delve into the events of the episode and provide a review of its overall impact on the series.

Maddie’s Departure and Honey’s Request

The episode begins with Maddie leaving Harry’s house with a suitcase, signifying her independence. As Harry returns home from a walk with Coltrane, he receives a phone call from Honey Chandler. Honey seeks his expertise in tracking down James Allen, who could provide crucial information for a case they are working on. With Harry’s help, they manage to locate Allen’s sister’s house. However, they discover that Allen passed away several days earlier due to a drug overdose. This unexpected turn of events leaves them questioning the validity of Foster’s alibi.

Maddie’s Struggles and Honey’s Suspicions

While Maddie adjusts to her new living arrangements, she also works on her impact statement for an upcoming sentencing. When Rico, a close friend, returns, Maddie confides in him about the challenges she is facing. Honey, on the other hand, suggests finding doubts in the DNA evidence, leading her to believe that James Allen may have been framed. As they discuss their theories at a bar, an unknown man spies on them but quickly disappears with an older accomplice in a car. This mysterious encounter hints at potential danger and raises questions about their ongoing investigation.

A Disturbing Encounter and Honey’s Arrest

As the night progresses, Honey becomes the target of an unsettling event. Two men follow her as she leaves the bar in her car. They then activate police lights on their vehicle, prompting Honey to deftly lock her extra set of keys inside her car. When she refuses to take a sobriety test, the men hand her over to uniformed officers who ultimately arrest her. In a holding cell, Honey finds herself in close proximity to a woman who’s clearly ill. Meanwhile, Harry vows to identify the two cops responsible for her arrest.

The FBI’s Investigation and Shady Connections

While Honey faces the consequences of her arrest, two FBI agents continue their investigation into both Harry and Honey. They acquire the schematics for a shipping container and establish a connection to the port. However, their evidence is insufficient to prove Harry’s involvement in the pipeline explosion. In their search for more proof, they stumble upon footage of Honey leaving Wakefield’s home, suggesting her connection to his murder as well as her access to the container’s schematics.

Episode Review

“Musso and Frank” is yet another captivating episode in the second season of Bosch: Legacy. The dynamic between Harry and Honey continues to evolve, with their previous grievances giving way to a potentially powerful partnership. The gradual transformation of their relationship adds depth to the show and enhances the viewer’s engagement. The episode skillfully introduces new plot elements and raises compelling questions, leaving the audience eager for what’s to come.


In Season 2 Episode 4 of Bosch: Legacy, significant developments take place that propel the narrative forward. Maddie’s decision to move out of Harry’s home signifies her growing independence, while Honey’s request for Harry’s assistance uncovers surprising revelations about a key alibi. The episode’s events keep the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the resolution of the mysteries surrounding the characters. With its strong character dynamics and engaging storyline, “Musso and Frank” sets the stage for an exciting continuation of Bosch: Legacy’s second season.

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