Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 2 “Zzyzx” Recap & Review

In the second episode of Bosch: Legacy Season 2, the search for Maddie intensifies as Dockweiler meets with his lawyer, James Rafferty, to negotiate a deal with the police. The episode is packed with suspense and emotional moments, showcasing the skills of the cast and the compelling storyline.

Dockweiler’s Deal and the Role of Crate and Barrel

Dockweiler reveals his desire for full immunity from prosecution in exchange for revealing Maddie’s location to the police. However, the District Attorney can’t comply with his request. Instead, they consider dropping the rape charges against Dockweiler if he admits to the kidnapping. To keep an eye on Rafferty, Dockweiler’s lawyer, old favorites Crate and Barrel are assigned to tail him. This twist adds an extra layer of tension and intrigue to the story.

Maddie’s Discovery

Maddie, trapped in a box, finds a bottle of water and a small tube that allows air to enter. She also discovers a camera recording her every move. Meanwhile, Mo stumbles upon the live feed of Maddie, linking her whereabouts to the rest of the team. This discovery sparks a race against time to find and rescue Maddie before it’s too late.

Bosch’s Deceptive Move

In an effort to extract information from Dockweiler, Bosch calls the police station where he is held and pretends to be an officer. This ruse leads to Dockweiler being taken to an interview room, where Edgar enters and manages to convince Bosch to release him. This unexpected turn showcases Bosch’s strategic thinking and dedication to saving Maddie.

Maddie’s Clue and the Desert Cult

Maddie discerns that she is near an air force base after spotting a fighter jet. To communicate her location, she writes “EDW” on the wooden walls of her confinement. Bosch, meanwhile, discovers files indicating that Dockweiler was adopted after being raised in a desert cult called “Zzyzx.” This leads Bosch to believe that Maddie might be buried underground, prompting him to confront Edgar with his findings and suspicions.

Bosch’s Desperate Search

Equipped with the knowledge of Dockweiler’s cryptic remarks about providing enough air for Maddie, Bosch climbs a windmill and notices a tube protruding from the ground. Driven by urgency, Bosch begins to dig with a shovel. After breaking open the box, he finds Maddie unconscious but alive. This climactic moment provides a sense of relief and triumph amidst the high-stakes search.

Maddie’s Recovery and Reunion

Following her rescue, Maddie recuperates in the hospital, while Bosch and Edgar share a heartfelt exchange. Edgar then decides to leave, relieved that Maddie has been found alive. Maddie is finally discharged from the hospital, and she joyfully reunites with Harry’s dog, Coltrane. This heartwarming conclusion brings a sense of closure to the intense events of the episode.


Overall, the second episode of Bosch: Legacy Season 2, titled “Zzyzx,” delivers a captivating and suspenseful narrative. The episode skillfully combines emotional performances, unexpected twists, and a race against time to find Maddie. As Bosch and his team unravel clues and face various obstacles, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the story unfolds in the following episodes.

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