Bodies Season 1 Review – A confusing, underwhelming time travel crime drama


In the ever-expanding world of television shows and streaming platforms, it’s not easy to find original content that stands out from the crowd. Netflix’s crime drama, Bodies, attempts to do just that with its unique premise of time travel mixed with crime-solving. However, does it succeed in capturing the viewers’ attention and delivering a compelling storyline? In this review, we’ll dive into the world of Bodies Season 1 and explore its strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between.

Episode Guide

Before delving into the intricacies of the show, let’s take a brief look at the episode guide for Season 1:

Episode 1: You’re Dead Already

Rating: 2/5

A Muddled Narrative

Bodies Season 1 boasts an innovative concept that deserves applause in a world saturated with sequels and reboots. The show revolves around four different timelines spanning the 1890s, 1941, 2023, and 2053. While the idea of multiple timelines has the potential to create a gripping narrative, it ultimately falls short due to poor execution.

The viewer is bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, making it challenging to invest in the story. A streamlined approach with two timelines, at most, would have allowed for more in-depth character development and a clearer plot progression.

Underused Potential

One of the highlights of Bodies Season 1 is the presence of talented actors, with Stephen Graham shining as a standout performer. However, the series criminally underutilizes his talents and fails to provide meaningful arcs for its ensemble cast. The potential to explore complex characters and their motivations remains largely untapped, leaving the audience craving more substantial character development.

Exposition Overload

While exposition is necessary to establish the rules of a time travel narrative, Bodies Season 1 leans too heavily on exposition at the expense of action. The majority of the season is spent explaining the mechanics of time travel and the interconnectedness of the different timelines. Consequently, the pacing suffers, and viewers may find themselves growing impatient for the story to gain momentum.

A Redemption in the Finale

Despite its shortcomings, Bodies Season 1 manages to salvage its potential in the final episode. The time travel events culminate in a highly entertaining and satisfying conclusion, where the various threads of the narrative finally intertwine. This episode showcases the series at its strongest, providing captivating and thrilling moments that leave the audience yearning for more.

A Tribute to Si Spencer

Bodies is an adaptation of the late Si Spencer’s 2015 graphic novel, and the series rightfully pays homage to his memory. The occasional use of split screens, reminiscent of the graphic novel’s style, serves as a heartfelt tribute. However, these moments often feel disconnected from the overall flow of the show, resembling a poor attempt at mimicking the structure of “24.”


In conclusion, Bodies Season 1 offers an intriguing premise but ultimately falls short of its potential. The convoluted narrative, underutilized talent, and excessive exposition hinder the show from reaching greater heights. Nonetheless, the captivating final episode and dedication to Si Spencer’s memory provide glimpses of what the series could have been.

For those seeking a time travel crime drama, Bodies may serve as a temporary fix, but it may leave you wishing for a more finely crafted and focused storyline.

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