Bodies – Episode 7 “Catch Me If You Can” Recap & Review

In the seventh episode of Bodies, titled “Catch Me If You Can,” we witness the ongoing struggle to break a never-ending loop caused by time travel. Elias Mannix, the key character in this mind-bending series, finds himself waking up in 1886 London, recovering from his injuries sustained in previous episodes. As Elias plans his next move, Agatha, a skeptical yet intrigued character, begins to believe his claims. Meanwhile, other characters like Polly and Harker face their own challenges and make significant decisions that will shape their futures.

Elias Mannix’s Offer to Agatha

In this episode, Elias Mannix opens up to Agatha about his true identity. He confesses that he isn’t her son, but he offers her financial assistance and companionship to alleviate her loneliness. Agatha, initially cautious, finds herself drawn to Elias and considers his proposition.

Polly’s Search for Her Father

Polly, another important character in Bodies, seeks Harker’s help in locating her father, Alfred Hillinghead. Polly’s father is en route to prison, and she is desperate to find him. However, Harker, always one step ahead, drugs Hillinghead during a seance, ensuring that he won’t escape. Harker later visits Hillinghead and strikes a deal with him. In exchange for sparing Hillinghead’s life, Harker wants permission to marry Polly, which he reveals to her at a later point.

Unveiling the Origin of Future Knowledge

One of the most intriguing revelations in this episode involves Harker’s knowledge of future events. He confesses to Polly that he is actually from the future. Harker’s ability to manipulate events and his knowledge of future occurrences have allowed him to gain power and control over the unfolding events within the series. Polly is shocked by this revelation and must decide how to proceed with this newfound information about Harker.

Iris’s Role in the Never-Ending Loop

Moving on to Iris, another key character in the show, we discover her involvement in aiding the man responsible for the 2023 bombings, unknowingly. Additionally, she unintentionally shoots Defoe, the only person capable of stopping Elias Mannix. Realizing the dire consequences of her actions, Iris teams up with Hasan to rectify her mistakes. The duo travels back to the location where Defoe was first found and manages to prevent his death. However, despite their efforts, the loop continues to repeat itself, leaving them desperate for a solution.

Breaking the Cycle

As the characters strive to break free from the never-ending loop, Iris suggests a different approach this time by proposing time travel to 1886 instead of 2023. Iris believes that going back to the year 1880 is the only way to stop Elias Mannix from executing his malicious plan. With the stakes higher than ever, the characters ponder the feasibility of Iris’s risky proposal.

Episode Review

Bodies, as a series, takes a highly experimental approach to storytelling, incorporating elements of time travel and complex character dynamics. In this episode, “Catch Me If You Can,” it becomes evident that the creative team behind the show draws inspiration from various time travel movies and television shows. While the attempt to create a unique narrative is commendable, the execution falls short at times.

The timelines, however, are gradually becoming more coherent, intertwining to build towards what promises to be an explosive season finale. The characters’ actions and decisions carry significant weight and contribute to the constantly evolving storyline. Each episode reveals more about their motivations and intentions, adding depth and complexity to the overarching plot.


“Catch Me If You Can,” the seventh episode of Bodies, keeps viewers captivated with its intricate plot, time-travel elements, and character-driven storyline. As the characters face their own challenges and make life-altering choices, the never-ending loop intensifies, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the resolution in the upcoming episodes. With Iris’s bold proposition of time travel to 1886, the stakes have never been higher, and the fate of the characters hangs in the balance.

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