Bodies – Episode 5 “We Are One Another’s Ghosts” Recap & Review

In the fifth episode of the series “Bodies,” titled “We Are One Another’s Ghosts,” the story takes a deep dive into multiple timelines. The episode begins in 1941 and follows the protagonist, Whiteman, as he copes with the tragic death of a little girl. As the plot unfolds, we are taken through various interconnected events in 2023, 1890, and a mysterious Throat time machine. In this recap and review, we will explore the key moments and revelations from this thrilling episode.

1941 Timeline

The episode opens with Whiteman coming to terms with the death of the little girl. Nursing a stab wound to his stomach, he seeks solace in a synagogue. He shares his troubled past, admitting that he has accumulated debts from gambling and did whatever he could to repay them. It is during this moment of vulnerability that an officer named Hayden Harker arrives. Shockingly, Harker shoots the commissioner and arrests Whiteman. He releases Polly, affectionately calling her “mother” and utters the heartwarming phrase, “Know You Are Loved.”

2023 Timeline

In the year 2023, Hasan is discovered inside a locked room at the Harker house by Barber and his team. Surprisingly, Elias, a member of the team, claims to have no knowledge of Hasan. However, Sarah informs Elias that Hasan’s fingerprints match Harker’s, leaving him bewildered. Hasan inquires about her father, and Sarah reveals that his name was Danny, the son of the wealthy banker, Julian Harker. Amidst their conversation, Hasan hears the haunting voice of an old Elias Mannix playing from a gramophone. The voice cryptically warns her that she cannot change the future and that their paths will inevitably cross.

1890 Timeline

Meanwhile, in 1890, Hillinghead is determined to prove that Harker is the murderer. She wants him to frame Henry Ashe for the murder of Defoe. Hillinghead shares her findings with Iris, revealing incriminating photographs of both herself and Whiteman. Iris is overcome with shock and disbelief, even throwing up at the sight of it all. However, she decides to play along and pretend to believe Hillinghead’s accusations in order to secure her release. Iris informs Hasan that she has called the KYAL (Know You Are Loved) organization to rescue them from the chapel where they are held captive. In a surprising turn of events, Mannix finds Iris and follows her to the room containing the enigmatic Throat time machine.


As the episode progresses, it becomes apparent that the writers are crafting the narrative in a seemingly spontaneous manner, resulting in a complex and intricate storyline. With multiple timelines and interconnected characters, “Bodies” challenges the audience to piece together the puzzle of these diverse events. As viewers, we are left intrigued by the merging of past, present, and future, as well as the underlying themes of love, betrayal, and the inevitable intersection of lives. Excitingly, the episode suggests that further revelations and unexpected encounters lie ahead. Perhaps the creators of the show should seek the expertise of renowned director Martin Scorsese to navigate the intricacies of their storytelling and add a touch of cinematic brilliance to their project.

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