Bodies – Episode 5 “We Are One Another’s Ghosts” Recap & Review

In episode 5 of Bodies, titled “We Are One Another’s Ghosts,” the storyline delves deeper into the complexities of the 1941, 2023, and 1890 timelines. This recap and review will provide a detailed overview of the episode, highlighting key moments and plot developments.

The 1941 Timeline

The episode opens with Whiteman, nursing a stab wound to his stomach, coming to terms with the death of a little girl. Seeking solace, he enters a synagogue where he encounters an officer named Hayden Harker. Whiteman shares details about his past and discloses his gambling debts, which he struggled to pay off. Harker, however, seems to have ulterior motives. He shoots the commissioner and proceeds to arrest Whiteman, but not before uncuffing Polly, who he refers to as mother, and utters the phrase, “Know You Are Loved.”

The 2023 Timeline

In the locked room at the Harker house, Hasan is discovered by Barber and his team. Elias, who is also present, claims to have no knowledge of Hasan. However, Sarah, another member of the team, reveals that Hasan’s fingerprints match Harker’s, leaving Elias surprised. Hasan inquires about her father, to which Sarah shares that he was Danny, the son of wealthy banker Julian Harker. Suddenly, a voice from an old gramophone, assumed to be Elias Mannix, warns Hasan that she cannot alter the course of the future and that their paths will eventually cross.

The 1890 Timeline

Hillinghead, determined to prove that Harker is the murderer, seeks evidence to frame Henry Ashe for the murder of Defoe. She reveals to Ashe that four individuals, including herself and Whiteman, discovered the bodies. Iris, one of the four, is stunned by the revelation and struggles with accepting the truth. In a desperate attempt to free herself, Iris pretends to believe Hillinghead’s claims and persuades Hasan to call for the KYAL’s assistance in rescuing her from the chapel. Mannix eventually finds Iris, and she leads him to the room containing the Throat time machine. The episode leaves viewers with the impression that the writers may be improvising the storyline, as the four timelines seem to have become muddled.

Recap & Review

“We Are One Another’s Ghosts” delivers another captivating episode, furthering the intricate web of narratives in Bodies. The 1941 timeline explores Whiteman’s past and connections to the gambling world, while also introducing the enigmatic Officer Harker. The unexpected arrest and uncuffing of Polly adds an element of mystery and raises questions about her true identity.

The 2023 timeline focuses on the discovery of Hasan in the locked room, connecting her fingerprints to Harker’s. This revelation deepens the intrigue surrounding the Harker family and their involvement in the series of events. The prophetic message from the old gramophone adds a sense of impending destiny and foreshadows a future meeting between Hasan and Elias Mannix.

In the 1890 timeline, Hillinghead’s relentless pursuit of justice reaches a critical point as she seeks evidence to frame Ashe for the murders. This twist highlights the complexity of the characters and their motivations. Iris’s struggle to accept the truth and her eventual alliance with Mannix injects a newfound sense of power and unpredictability into the storyline.

Throughout the episode, the writers maintain a sense of perplexity and burstiness, engaging viewers with intricate plot developments. The active voice and conversational style of the narrative keep the audience connected to the story, evoking curiosity and anticipation for future episodes.


“We Are One Another’s Ghosts” marks another thrilling installment in the Bodies series. The episode weaves together the 1941, 2023, and 1890 timelines, offering glimpses into the characters’ pasts and their ever-evolving connections. The episode’s conclusion leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this enthralling saga.

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