Bodies – Episode 3 “All in Good Time” Recap & Review

In the third episode of the series “Bodies,” titled “All in Good Time,” we dive deeper into the mysteries surrounding the dead body found on Long Harvest Lane. Taking place in two timelines, 1890 and 2053, this episode unveils shocking revelations and leaves viewers craving more answers.

The Investigation Unfolds

The 1890 timeline begins with Hillinghead and Henry joining forces to investigate the dead body discovery. They stumble upon a hexagonal bullet hole, providing insight into the social status of the assailant. As the investigation progresses, Henry recognizes a man in a photograph and suspects him to be involved. The duo heads to the Harker house, where Lady Agatha and her son, Julian Harker, reside.

Secrets and Deception

Lady Agatha remains tight-lipped when confronted about Julian’s possible involvement in the crime. Determined to find answers, Hillinghead summons Defoe, a spiritual medium, to inquire about Julian’s guilt. The spirit denies Julian’s involvement, leaving Hillinghead puzzled. The next day, Hillinghead wakes up outside the Harker house with no recollection of how he got there.

Unraveling the Mystery

Driven by his instincts, Hillinghead returns to Long Harvest Lane, where he scribbles his name on the wall. It is during this encounter that he and Lady Agatha share a surprising kiss. Meanwhile, Whiteman, another investigator, manages to convince the commissioner that a young girl witnessed nothing but innocently sought ice cream. To ensure her silence, Whiteman discreetly pays her off.

Unexpected Confessions

As the plot intensifies, Elias Mannix, a suspect in the case, sneaks into the scene. Hasan, a member of the investigation team, calls for Mannix’s arrest. Under the pressure of his lawyer, Mannix confesses to the crime. However, Hasan remains skeptical, believing that Mannix may not be the true killer. Mannix reveals that his foster parents warned him about causing immense destruction in London’s future, leading to the loss of countless lives.

Future Revelations

In the year 2053, Defoe meets with Iris and together they visit the KYAL headquarters. A shocking discovery awaits them, as Defoe witnesses his own body undergoing convulsions. He is left astounded and unaware of the cause behind this puzzling phenomenon. In their conversation, Defoe reveals the involvement of Chapel Perilous, an organization working on time travel, and suggests that the dead body on Long Harvest Lane is actually his future self.


“All in Good Time” is an episode filled with twists and turns that leave viewers craving for more. With secrets hidden within multiple timelines and characters holding back crucial information, the mysteries surrounding the dead body deepen. As the plot thickens, viewers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next episode’s revelations. Stay tuned to find out what happens next in the captivating series, “Bodies.”

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