Bodies – Episode 1 “You’re Dead Already” Recap & Review

In this article, we will delve into a recap and review of Episode 1 of the thrilling series, “Bodies.” Titled “You’re Dead Already,” this episode takes us on a captivating journey through different timelines, incorporating elements of discrimination, espionage, and a mysterious body that defies death. While the show’s concept is original and promising, its execution leaves much to be desired. Let’s dive right in and explore the intricacies of this mind-bending narrative.

The Plot Unfolds

The episode begins in the year 2023, where we are introduced to Detective Whiteman, who grapples with discrimination within the police department amidst the backdrop of World War II. Inspector Farrell, seemingly involved with a secret organization, becomes the source of this discrimination. Aaliyah, a fellow detective, convinces Whiteman to seek assistance from Syed, a man of interest in the case. This intriguing set-up already piques our curiosity.

A Twist of Events

Syed finds himself cornered by armed police officers, prompting him to open fire. In a surprising turn, Hasan comes to his rescue, leading us back in time to 1890. Here, we encounter Hillinghead, who visits a journalist named Henry Ashe, uncovering intriguing revelations. Ashe, a gay man himself, captures photographs of other gay couples and stumbles upon an image that depicts a man near the crime scene. This discovery adds scandal to the already mysterious circumstances surrounding the body.

The Conundrum Deepens

As Hillinghead investigates further, he visits the coroner and makes a startling discovery. Despite an entrance wound through the eye, there is no bullet present in the victim’s body. Astonishingly, the same outcome is found by coroners from both 1941 and 2023. Perplexity abounds as the truth eludes our grasp.

A Twist of Fate

Just as Whiteman is tailing Hillinghead, a German airstrike occurs, tragically killing Inspector Farrell. Whiteman faces the wrath of those he was meant to deliver the body to, who vehemently demand the destruction of police reports or else face grave consequences. Amidst the chaos, a fourth detective is introduced, bringing a fresh perspective to the unfolding events. To top it all off, we are introduced to an entirely new timeline, where the body remains alive. The depths of this intricate plot are truly mind-boggling, leaving the viewer craving more answers.

Initial Impressions

With an original and potentially groundbreaking concept, “Bodies” has the potential to captivate audiences. Unfortunately, the execution of the series falls short. While the actors deliver commendable performances and the settings effectively immerse the audience, the narrative becomes a tangled mess. The constant introduction of new characters and timelines leaves viewers disoriented, as they struggle to connect with the story. The show’s creators have attempted to create a complex, thought-provoking narrative but it risks losing the attention of its audience.


In conclusion, Episode 1 of “Bodies” titled “You’re Dead Already” provides a glimpse into a perplexing world filled with mystery, discrimination, and paradoxes. While the show’s originality and potential are evident, the execution falls flat, leaving viewers lost amidst a convoluted web of timelines and characters. Despite commendable acting and immersive settings, the narrative fails to engage, hindered by its overly ambitious plot.


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