A Good Day To Be A Dog — K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

In the third episode of the popular K-drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog,” we see the story unfold further with interesting developments and emotional moments. Hae-na wakes up from a dream about her secret being revealed to her colleagues, setting the tone for the episode.

Hae-na’s Waking Dream

The episode starts with Hae-na waking up from a dream where she envisions her high school colleagues finding out about her secret. Hae-na’s secret is still unknown at this point, adding an air of mystery to the story. Furthermore, in her dream, she finds herself sleeping in Yul’s bed, while he slept on the sofa outside.

Yul’s Unique Approach

Hae-na snoops around and overhears a conversation between Yul and Sae-won about a secret. Yul, in order to convince Sae-won to let him adopt a pet dog, decides to act like a dog himself. This unique approach adds humor and charm to the episode. Yul’s efforts to win over Sae-won are quite entertaining to watch.

Overcoming the Fear of Dogs

Yu-na drops Hae-na off at work and asks her to gift a dog keychain to Sae-won to help reduce his fear of dogs. Sae-won observes the conversation from a distance and finds solace in the fact that Hae-na is trying to tame the supposed “animal” in him. This small gesture hints at a growing bond between Hae-na and Sae-won.

Mandeuk’s Allergies and Escape

The staff at the school discover that Mandeuk, the Vice Principal’s pet dog, is not accustomed to closed spaces and might have allergies. Hae-na is asked to take a pill for her allergies, but Mandeuk’s keen senses lead him to chase after the sound of his food being dropped. This sets off a series of events that unfold through the day.

Sae-won’s Avoidance and Hae-na’s Concern

Throughout the day, Sae-won avoids entering the staff room as Mandeuk, the dog, is resting there. Hae-na becomes aware that Mandeuk has somehow gone missing and tries to alert Sae-won about it. This sequence builds tension and sets the stage for later developments in the episode.

Bo-kyum’s Discovery

Moving back to the present day, Bo-kyum discovers a hidden room in a shady basement near the school. Inside the room, he finds a fabric that resembles clothing worn during the Joseon era. Bo-kyum’s discovery adds intrigue to the story, leaving viewers curious about the significance of the fabric and the hidden room.

Colleagues’ Wedding Invitation

Meanwhile, the teachers receive invitations to a fellow colleagues’ wedding. Miss Yoon, who happens to be in the same mall, overhears the conversation. This introduces a new dynamic into the story and raises questions about the relationships and potential conflicts among the characters.

Clues about Hae-na and Seo-won

At the same time, Miss Yoon calls Bo-kyum and reveals information about Hae-na and Seo-won leaving Seo-won’s apartment together. This revelation hints at a romantic connection between Hae-na and Seo-won. If the show is going for the trope of “He fell first, she fell harder,” it promises a captivating love story ahead.


The third episode of “A Good Day To Be A Dog” continues to captivate the audience with its intriguing storyline and well-developed characters. The episode leaves viewers with several questions, ensuring their continued engagement in the series. As we eagerly await the next episode, we anticipate further twists, turns, and emotional moments that will keep us hooked to this delightful K-drama.

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